Hey there,

My names Shiverz/ReddKlaw/Sophie and I'm passionate about all things creative!

I have a BA(hons) in animation and I am a professional freelance artist by trade with almost ten years’ experience.

Originally from England, I travelled to Japan in search of a different life. After arriving I amazingly landed my first career in 3D animation.  Skipping forward to the present, I am still happily living in Japan and working as a 2D freelance artist, unfortunately I was unable to continue working in animation due to visa constraints. I am now hoping to return to the 3D animation industry and expand my existing freelance art career. In order to advance my goals I need new equipment, supplies and materials to work with; my current PC is too outdated to keep up the latest standard animation software, and I need constant exposure to this software in order to return to remain viable in this industry.
I work every day is a freelance artist (outside of my regular day job), art is my life. I am dedicated to my career as an artist; however dedication alone can only take me so far. That’s where this campaign comes in. With your wonderfully generous support and my hard work, dedication, and initiative, I believe I can make my lifelong dream of becoming a professional full time animator come true.

The Things I Need To Get Going

Ok, so let’s get to the specifics of what I need to get this thing started.


The hardware.

Any animator knows you need a lot of engine room for animating, or anything creative. From picture editing to a full length 3D animation, you need to have the goods to help you create.

SO, to update my system to get into all that animating stuff, I am looking at one of the following:

MacBook Pro

(Minimum Hardware) 

MacBook Pro 15” with Retina Display - MGXA2J – With English Keyboard

Cost 210, 384yen = $1,825 (including tax and free shipping)

This will run Autodesk Maya 3D, but for no more than 1-2 years.


(Recommended hardware)

Macbook Pro 15” with Retina Display – MGXC2J Options

2.8 ghz processor 1 tb hard drive English Keyboard Apple Care

Cost 379, 738yen = $3,295 (including tax and free shipping)





(Minimum Hardware)

iMac 27” – ME088J

16gb ram

1tb fusion drive

magic mouse + trackpad English keyboard

Cost: 260,064yen = $2,269 (with tax and free shipping)


(Recommended Hardware)

iMac27” 5k - MF886J

4ghz processor

32gm ram 

4gb video card

English keyboard

Magic Mouse + Apple Trackpad

Cost: 425,736yen = $3,714 (with tax and free shipping) 


The other stuff:

Maya Autodesk 2014 -  $185~$1470

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects - Ranging from 2,000yen/$15~6,000yen/$50 a month.

Hey, even art materials like paints, pencils and all that jazz.

Courses that help me improve my skill, ideally this online course with iAnimate that trains you in the latest aspects of 3D animation:

As you can see, there's a lot to get started. But it's a matter of getting the ball rolling and riding that creative dream to where I want to be. I believe it's possible, especially when backed by you guys!


Why should I believe you?

Good question. Let me throw some lil' Shiv facts at you~

I am very career driven when you mix this with my one passion in life: art. I will do whatever I can to succeed. I have a very determined work ethic and follow my goals to the end. It’s how I ended up in Japan, and here.

Sounds cheesy and default, but wait....there's more!

A good and somewhat perfect example is my long career in art. Starting from a young age I kept that art desire alive throughout school, college and eventually I managed to gain a degree at University. This spans over a good percentage of my life, the university course alone was four years, so imagine the rest!  Post to this, gaining a freelance career along as well as employment in several areas within the industry. I continued my freelance art career even after moving countries.

Another point to mention is, well, moving to Japan. Let me put it this way: If you can imagine moving, not just to another city, or state, but to a completely different country, than you can imagine how much planning and drive was required to contemplate the practicality of moving to Japan, let alone to actually achieve this goal and move here, establish a life here and try to advance that life. I was not even dissuaded by the terrible series of events that occurred in Japan during March 2011.

No, this isn't an ego boost, or me exclaiming how awesome I am, I want to simply letting you guys know that this isn't the first time I've had challenging goals. I continue to work, plan, struggle and achieve… there have been mountains to climb in the past, but with focus and determination I was able to tackle them (metaphorically speaking, I’ve never angered a mountain). I am confident that your support is what I need to push through that final mile and turn my creative dream into my real world career.


It's not just money that can help.

Nope! You can also help by spreading the word too~ Tell your friends, family, neighbours, that dude you see at the bar sometimes, even your pets (They can totally understand you). Use those books of face and those tweetings, it all helps, and it is all deeply deeply appreciated.



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